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Necklace Design Cow Horn Necklace

Necklace Design Cow Horn Necklace

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Perfect colored torc.
Unique and beautiful necklace “Torc” is made of natural horn – the product
of organic origin.
The necklace has a successfully found form of a half-moon. This torc
consists of 5 separate parts connected by silver elements, leather jewelry cord with
horn endings in the form of a “drop” and a horn-type clasp regulating the length of
the necklace.
Thanks to complicated handwork and by high-quality polishing the master
reached perfect smoothness of the surface that allowed to get sparkling brilliance –
the first indicator of quality.
The necklace has an interesting color combination, where each element is
tinted in different colors, but at the same time you can see a subtle natural
pattern: network of streaks, inclusions in the form of strips, stains, etc.
Each color has its character and evokes certain feelings: yellow – the
feeling of lightness, purple – a sort of heaviness and closedness, green - personifies
quietness, relaxation, welfare. Such a combination of colors creates absolute
harmony and balance in color. It adds a special beauty, expressiveness, elegance to
the adornment and creates the mood of the day filling you with light and love. By
putting on such a necklace, you also put in a good mood.
Bright adornment can be a wonderful addition to everyday clothes. This
the necklace features the high quality of work, sparkling brilliance and lightness.
We advise you to choose in favor of this exclusive necklace that will
pleasantly surprise you with its uniqueness.

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